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Advantages of Sharing Office Space


Working at home has its advantages and disadvantages. Given all the distractions and boredom from being alone the whole day, you should consider going for shared offices. Shared offices have gained popularity with business startups. There are more than one benefits that you will get once you decide to go for shared office spaces. Businesses are encouraged o go for theĀ shared space in Shoreditch. Here are just some of the numerous benefits that you will enjoy from using shared offices.



kjjkjjkjjNetworking is a great way to increase your client base. Shared offices have people from different areas. It is easy to collaborate with other people in the co-working office compared to renting your office. It gives you the chance of working with professionals in different areas. As a result, you broaden your coverage, and you will increase your customer base. Networking can give you long term clients. Additionally, you get the chance of working with people you never imagined you could work with.


As a startup company, you may not be able to afford some of the modern infrastructure needed to get your business off the ground. Shared offices give you the opportunity to work with the best infrastructure. You get access to IT support among others. Therefore, you can get started with your business straight away. You do not have to worry about your internet connection. All you have to do is just work hard and make more money.

Short lease term

Shared office space gives you the opportunity to get a short lease term. You can even get an hourly rate depending on your requirements. You get convenience and flexibility all in one. You cannot achieve this using private lease since you are required to take the lease for a year. Making use of a co-working office allows you to have a flexible schedule.

Reduced overhead costs

lklklkkklkRenting an office space can be very costly. You have to pay the rent for that office, pay for the amenities and even buy the materials you need to get started like desks chairs and printers. When you decide to go with a shared office, you do not have to worry about paying for the rent of the space you are going to use. You will get internet, printing facilities, desks and even fax. Furthermore, you do not have to pay for furnishing the office. Therefore, a co-working office allows you to save money.…