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Top 7 Signs Your Roofing Needs Repair Or Replacement


All components in house construction are important. The foundation plan ensures that the house stands tall against any weather while the roofing completes it with cutting edge splendor. From time to time you need to carry out regular repairs in your house to ensure that it does not lose its general beauty and appearance. Thus, you need professionals such as Team Curb Appeal to install an excellent roof for you.

Signs your roofing needs repair/replacement

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Roofing materials differ in durability and may last an average of 20 years to 40 years. Roofing systems that are 40 years or more needĀ urgent repairs or replacement because the materials fade over time making the roofing unreliable.


Roof age depends on the material used, the initial time the roof was installed and the many times it was maintained. The material used would determine how long the roof lasts before its latter maintenance. Materials fade and deteriorate over time and this may make your roof prone to leaks. Leaks are disastrous as they encourage inward seepage of water which dampens the material making it fragile, rusty, moldy and disgustingly ugly to look at.

Brittle or curling shingles

Any shingle that curls on the edge or rises in the middle is a sign that your roofing system is weathering, and it needs urgent repair. Another sign is brittleness on the shingles if it easily breaks whenever it is touched then it is a result of a leaking roof. Shingles in either condition are susceptible to damage in times of extreme weather conditions.

Missing shingles

Your roof might miss a shingle if it was damaged during or after installation. Missing shingles will warrant that you get a new roof because replacement shingles may not match the already installed ones, which have weathered over time.

Out dated roofing material

Advancetg3e6dye7u28i29o292ments in roofing materials are made from time to time, and this makes any roofing system of 40 years or more outdated and irrelevant. Current roofing materials are more durable and offer better roofing options for current roofing needs.

Stains on the walls and interior ceiling

Stains on the roof could be as a result of mold accumulation. Inadequate shingle arrangement which allows for water and moisture seepages is one reason that encourages mold growth.

Your roof is home to critters

You will know that your roof is faulty and needs repair/ replacement if insects have started building their homes it. Animals like squirrels and raccoons can also rec havoc on your roof causing roof damage that may not easily be detected.…